Saturday, May 21, 2011

Forum Flaming

Let's be honest here. How many of you have made fun of something while on a messageboard or chat room? How many have done this only because the person wasn't there? Nearly everyone's done it.

But that's where the problem is. Every Privacy Policy actually says to not flame other members, mostly because they can't protect people that's not from the same board. This is understandable, really. What's not is that people think it's okay to flame others if they're not there. Whether they're a member or not. Likewise, keep in a mind that an arguement is only bad when people start insulting one another. Even a brick wall can be tolerable.(I'm a brick wall, don't ya know)

It's these kind of people that are really sickening. They say if you got nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. But nobody follows that. What's worse is people who give off opinions of things, but... don't back up shit. "Yeah, that movie sucked." That's all they say. They don't explain its faults, they just say it sucks. It doesn't tell us anything, because honestly, everybody has preferences. Yes, there's people who enjoyed E.T. for the Atari, probably less than 1% of the world, but everybody's different. And that's perfectly fine.

But when you hate on something for an unexplained reason, it's about as pointless as a hate crime. I won't say it's an actual hate crime, since that's going a bit overboard. Likewise, any overreaction to something with flaming is just as bad.

Same with vitrolic opinions. You actually bring up good points, you explained the problem. But then you insult the guy, even stealthily. How does that help? It doesn't. It just gets hate towards you. Nobody likes a smart alec, or a flamer. Keep that in mind, people.

To close off, I know I probably offended someone here. Maybe someone I know? Not sure. And yeah, I apoligize for that. But this is something that needs to be said, and a wake-up call to flamers around the world. Oh, and by the way, just because someone flames you doesn't make it alright to flame back. Don't fuel the fire, boyo.

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