Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Even evil has standards

There's a thing about comparing two similar situations. There's another when it goes too far.

To clarify, this won't be a long post.

Let's start off with this situation: You are an anthromorphonic bird that loves to fly. Okay, sure. You just lose your ability to fly. You're not happy. Also fine. However, in this situation, you can still walk, swim, do every daily activity besides your favorite one. I don't expect you to be happy.

Now tell me, is this really comparable to being completely handicapped, or losing a limb? No, of course it isn't. It never is. You're comparing apples or oranges. If you think that losing a fun activity is the same as losing the ability to move in general, you're sorely mistaken. Normally I'd say this is just yet another opinion. But you're telling me that because you can't use a spell, you can't do anything... at all? Whining about the inability to fly as if you're a cripple is blowing it out of proportion. You're saying that because I can't play a game, I'm the same as a cripple. That's just pure bullshit. And you should actually feel bad for thinking they're on the same level.

And that's not even the full story. This is basically a god turning into a human. And then you're saying that being a human utterly sucks because you don't have some special power. You know what I would say to the god? Stop being a spoiled brat and deal with it with actual dignity. You're a pretty poor example of a god, if you think you're that special. That's far beyond egotistical. That's far beyond a god complex. It's just utterly pathetic.

Also, something to clarify: This is not the fact that the character is being a smug jerk who acts like they lost the ability to well, do anything. This is about the player who thinks that losing a favorite toy is the same as losing a leg. They're widely different.